The AFC team helps bring vision to life by orchestrating fact-based, objective-oriented communications and marketing activities that will expand audiences and interest.

AFC has developed strong business relationships with a number of banks, private equity firms, venture capitalists and angel investors, allowing it to assist enterprises in obtaining start-up, working or growth capital.As one of our cornerstone services, AFC offers extensive market and industry research capabilities which can be used to help properly position a business within the scope of the competitive marketplace and to establish relative valuation and merits of the investment opportunity.

Business Consulting AFC business consulting services include business strategy development and global market research. Leveraging analytical capabilities with valuable experience in business development, entrepreneurial finance and capital formation, we assist clients that are searching for new markets and pioneering ways to secure their competitive advantages.

AFC financial advisory services have grown out of a challenge to small and medium sized businesses in pursuing their business strategies with limited financial resources. Essentially, we combine relative financial performance indicators with basic financial data and design financial models in a way that a client can easily revise modeling assumptions and eventually work with the model independently. Our financial marketing practice offers clients an integrated solution set designed to package, position and present their enterprise in a way that best attracts targeted audiences and creates loyal customers, partners, lenders and investors.